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Let’s Do It…Again!

IMG_1761This post will be short and sweet but you have to participate!  Simply share your goal for 2014! Together we’ll track our progress and encourage one another.  At the end of the year, we’ll see how we did!

Last year my goal was to lose 40 pounds.  I lost 21 pounds, 21 inches, and 2 sizes.  Did you reach your goal last year?

This year I’ll continue to be consistent.

What’s your goal this year?  We’re taught to write the vision. If we Write It, then we can See It.  If we Share It, we Commit To It. Let’s Do It…Again!

These are Just My Thoughts~


IMG_1761“Keep Living”

It means you’ll understand when you get to be my age.  With age comes experience and with experience comes wisdom.

A very wise act would be to spend more time in self-reflection and less time rationing out public rejection.

These are Just My Thoughts~

The Cup

IMG_1761During a major storm in my life, I had to encourage myself. I took the time to write out my thoughts and recently shared them with a dear friend. She said I should share it.  Here goes:

Matthew 26:36-44 through Matthew 28 entirely

It is said that after Passover, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane where he prayed to the Father fervently, feverishly, and desperately.  He knew of what was to come and to put it simply, did not desire it.  He did not desire it.  So much so that he prayed to the Father three times.  He begged that the cup pass from him.  Of course each time he also yielded to the will of God over and above his own.  This in spite of how grieved he was over what was yet to come.  And of course, God’s will was in fact done and Jesus was required to drink from that undesirable, bitter, sorrowful cup filled with pain, anguish, abuse, lies, torture, torment, hate, evil, jealousy, sins of all sorts….even death.

Have you been there?  I have.  If you haven’t, at some point you will.  Made to face and deal with something so undesirable, painful, and bitter that all you can do is cry out and ask Why Me? All you can do is just….cry.  The world that we live in is filled with circumstances and situations brought to us through various channels. Through our children, co-workers, family members, spouses, the family members of our spouses, even strangers who mean us no good.

I submit to you that something great comes from drinking of the cup that we’d prefer to pass on.  What glorious wonders came after Jesus drank from that bitter cup!!!  The gift of Salvation! The gift of Eternal Life! The Holy Ghost to guide and comfort us until Jesus returns! Forgiveness of our sins! Greatness was the end result of such a great sacrifice and is it a sacrifice to accept the cup and not let it pass? Absolutely and Indeed!

Whatever you’re going through, as you pray to the Father to deliver you from it, remove it, fix it, etc – consider yielding to His will to confirm that this cup, is yours to drink from.  And if it is, face it, accept it, and drink from it. I submit to you that it’s perfectly normal and okay to pray fervently and feverishly for this cup to pass.  If Jesus felt so desperately sorrowful and inclined, surely God will understand if we do too.  But we still have to recognize that after all of the praying, He knows what’s best and has a plan for the final outcome.  We have to trust Him enough to declare not my will but thy will be done.  When we make this declaration, we must do so knowing that Glorious Wonders and Greatness soon follow.

I ask you to think on this: If Jesus had not drunk from the cup, where would you be? If your parents hadn’t made certain sacrifices, where would you be? What sacrifices have you made for your children or loved ones? What was the end result? Where would they be if not for your choice to drink from the cup and walk the path set before you?  I urge you once again to accept the will of God but if you need me to pray with you for strength and courage I will.  If you understand the power of His gift that day and want to accept it – Salvation and Eternal Life – Come….drink.

These are Just My Thoughts~

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Let’s Do It

IMG_1761This post will be short and sweet but you have to participate!  Simply share your goal for 2013! Together we’ll track our progress and encourage one another.  At the end of the year, we’ll see how we did!

After 2 surgeries and being laid up the last 3 months of the year, naturally I gained weight. I know….the old stand by but seriously – my goal is to lose 40 pounds.

What’s yours?  We’re taught to write the vision. If we Write It, then we can See It.  If we Share It, we Commit To It. Let’s Do It!

These are Just My Thoughts~

IMG_1761The holidays are upon us again.  Holidays bring up thoughts of family, friends, Christmas parties, the reason for the season (of course), people being nice, finding the perfect gift, generosity, I could go on and on.

We started a tradition for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day while my boys Jas & Sean were growing up.  It’s pretty simple actually but we looked forward to it.  After dinner: baking cookies, making hot chocolate, and finding our spot on the couch by 7:00. You see, A Christmas Story came on at 7:00 and we had to see the beginning of the movie – at least when it aired the first time.  You know that movie plays back to back for 24 hours sooooo, as long as we watched the 7:00 show we were good.  On a side note – did you ever notice how no matter where you fell asleep on that movie, when you woke up it was on the same scene?! Lol :-)

Then we’d set aside a cookie plate for Santa and sprinkle reindeer food in the yard so the reindeer wouldn’t get hungry. They were really the holiday Rice Krispies that come in red and green. :-) Off to bed for the kids!  Of course, we stopped leaving cookies and reindeer food once the boys reached a certain age. Anyway, my job was to finish wrapping the gifts and we’d place them under the tree just before midnight. One really special gift was left unwrapped for the boys to see when they came downstairs! Suddenly, it looked like Santa had appeared. You should’ve seen their little faces on Christmas morning!!

I’d wake up at 5:00am and prepare Christmas Breakfast! Fried oysters, pancakes, banana nut bread, fruit, eggs, salmon croquettes, rice, etc etc….yummy! After opening gifts, eating, calling everyone to say Merry Christmas, and relaxing, it was off to make the rounds to visit family and have Christmas dinner. The next day, we’d go through the toy boxes to make room for their new toys. In the spirit of giving, the boys would donate the toys of Christmas past to charity.

That was an old tradition. The boys are all grown up now.  It’s time to start a new one.  I wonder what their traditions will be when they have their own family – years from now ;-)

What were your special holiday memories/traditions?

These are Just My Thoughts~


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