02520015I absolutely love my smart phone.  I love a pen and paper even more when it comes to keeping up with my day-to-day efforts.

I am a major technogirl! Give me all of the latest technology.  Then give me a pen and paper.  I can write a lot faster than I can swype on my cell phone.  I can put a progress note next to my task quicker too.  Lastly, when I’m ready to review what I still have outstanding, I can just turn the page instead of pulling out my phone, tablet, or laptop and look at my list.

Or maybe, I’m just set in my ways…. NOT!

Time management – matters!

These are Just My Thoughts….feel free to share yours~



And the winner is…. The Bichon Frise!!! He’s soooo cute!

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Look at the pictures below and tell me your favorite. The two puppies (West Highland Terrier); black & white puppy (Shih-tzu), cotton ball looking dog (Bijon Frise), dog with curled tail (Maltese)

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One Second!

IMG_20140411_085854There are 24 hours in a day but a candle can be blown out in 1 second.  Think About It! Have a safe & happy New Year!

These are Just My Thoughts~


cropped-make-it-happen-final-final.jpgHE said if you are faithful over a few things, I’ll make you ruler over much.

These are Just My Thoughts~

What Goes Around

02520015Never think that you got away with that dirt you did.  
When things begin to fall apart all around you and nothing seems to work,  just before you start screaming why me, why me, why me….. sit back…..take a deep breath…..and think about it. 
Because: What Goes Around…..Comes Around. Ouch!!! 
These are Just My Thoughts~
(all grammatical offenses were intentional 🙂 )


IMG_20140411_085854One of the worst things you can do is sit on the fence.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide which step is the right one or the best one to take.  Sometimes you get stuck in what’s called analysis paralysis, so you don’t do anything.

Not doing anything leads to more frustration and a lot of time wasted.  Weigh your options, make a decision, stick with it….and whatever happens, happens.  Take a leap of faith.  You might be surprised at the final outcome!


After all, being wishy-washy is about as bad as drinking lukewarm hot chocolate.  Now there’s a concept! 😉


These are Just My Thoughts~

They’re Not Your Shoes

02520015It’s okay to work for what you have. It’s not okay simply take (or try to take) what doesn’t belong to you.  Don’t be so lazy!

Get motivated!  Come up with your own ideas, do your own research, write your own paper, forge your own path.  Don’t use others as pawns in a game that only you’re playing.  Operate in integrity.  Stop trying to take the easy way out!  It simply diminishes you.

You’ll soon learn that what you thought was the easy way out was rather hard because you’ve tried to take and tried to wear some big shoes that you will never be able to fill…because they’re not your shoes!! :-/

These are Just My Thoughts~