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IMG_20140411_085854There are 24 hours in a day but a candle can be blown out in 1 second.  Think About It! Have a safe & happy New Year!

These are Just My Thoughts~


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cropped-make-it-happen-final-final.jpgHE said if you are faithful over a few things, I’ll make you ruler over much.

These are Just My Thoughts~

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Twisted Out Summer 2012I have not walked on my own two feet since 9/28/2012.   I’m getting cabin fever and I can’t stand it.  Those who know me know that I’m spontaneous, free-spirited, always working on or thinking about something.  I know you’re thinking big deal – stop with the broken ankle talk already.  Guess what….I agree.

At first I was irritated when people would say – there’s someone worse off than you – you will walk again, some people never will.  I was irritated because while sorry about their situations, I’m still stuck in mine and I have feelings too.  As the weeks have passed, people have broken hip bones, been in near fatal car accidents because of a jealous boyfriend, been put on ventilators, have faced the possibility of amputated limbs, flat-lined only to be revived, and passed away.  All in 24 days.

Which brings me to my main point – things to think about:

Don’t waste time thinking about what you don’t have.  Try to focus on what you do have.  What’s good, great, or marvelous in your world?!  Don’t get caught up in could’ve, would’ve, should’ve when you can enjoy what is unless what is isn’t truly right for you.  If there’s a second chance that you need to give someone – do it while you can.  If you’re not willing to make time, decide now that you won’t regret it later.

Don’t settle for something or someone because you think it’s the best that you can do.  Don’t do something simply because “you’re getting older” and you “might as well”.  Do it because you truly want to and you’re certain that it’ll bring you everlasting joy.

Stop wasting time wasting time because time is something that can’t be bought, sold, or recovered.  If the person you meant to call, forgive, send flowers to, or say you love means anything to you – do something about it.

Most importantly, be true to yourself.  If you need to change a few things to better yourself – get to it.  Just don’t let anyone change the essence of who you are or force you to make bad decisions so they can feel better about themselves.

I’ve been accused of being a workaholic. This year I took time to spend a lot of time with family and friends. So while I’m stuck indoors healing, I go back to the beach, back to walks in the park, back to Atlanta to hang with my girls, back to morning brunch on the balcony, back to concert performances, birthday parties, business strategy sessions, etc.  All done to be with or support the people who I love .  I go back by looking at all of the pictures that I took along the way.  I’m glad that I made time – while I was able to as opposed to being stuck here now, either wishing that I had or saying “when I get better, I will”. 🙂

I could go on and on but I think you get the point….so do I. So what are you waiting for?!

Keep this in mind: There are 24 hours in a day but a candle can be blown out in 1 second.  Think About It!

These are Just My Thoughts~

Feel free to share yours…

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All things are revealed in time.

Certain wounds will heal in time.

One’s true character can only be hidden for a period of time.

Because….All things are revealed….in time.

These are “Just My Thoughts”

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Is it just me or is one of the most annoying sounds of the day that of a parent pleading with their child to behave?  I can’t take it!  I’m at the store in my few quiet moments of the day looking for something to buy.  Little man is climbing…literally climbing….the store shelves.  That’s right, the store shelves…filled with canned goods!  What’s mom doing? Pushing the cart filled with groceries ignoring him.

I love children, I do.  I don’t love watching them misbehave.  I really don’t love watching their parents watch them misbehave.  Is it that hard to say stop that, you’ll get hurt, no, sit down, come here…or the all time favorite…don’t make me embarrass you in here?

Of course, getting past the fact that watching this child climb the shelves was working a nerve, my maternal instinct kicked in and I told him to get down because he was going to hurt himself.  I then told the adult that he was with (assumed to be the parent) that he was going to get hurt if he didn’t stop that.  So she said, “honey please” in that quiet, non-authoritative, I’m really not paying attention, whining voice.  The child was already down from my having told him to stop.  One aisle later, he was at it again….and she was wandering ahead with no regard….again.  I gave him the “boy if you don’t get down look”.  You know the one! …and he got down…again.  So she offered him a treat if he’d get down.  Really?! Maybe I was born a few years too soon because to be told twice to do something equated to an automatic moment of embarrassment – in the store.  This lady was giving out treats to do as you’re told?!  Wow.  I mean just….Wow!

So my poll is this, because I could go on for days about these kids and their parents who appear to fall into the child’s role and allow the child to assume the parent’s role….I’m sorry, I got carried away again. That was one heck of a comma splice wasn’t it?!

These are Just My Thoughts~

Share your thoughts….take the poll below and let me know what you would do.

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I am completely confused and am asking you to help me make sense of things.  I could’ve written this when the topic was the hype of the day.  I chose to wait until a decision was made and things had calmed down.

Are you wondering what I’m talking about?  The Peyton Manning proposals.  First let me say, I remember his efforts at UT Knoxville and am familiar with his career with the Indianapolis Colts.  He is a great quarter back.  That being said, I remain amazed at how people in Nashville fell all over themselves trying to entice him to return to Tennessee and join the Titans Franchise.

Nissan offered up a Titan pick-up truck to thank him for his philanthropic efforts – which sounded better than, come back to Tennessee and we’ll give you a truck (the PR guys must’ve pointed that one out).  Shoney’s offered a free stack of pancakes every day for the duration of his career in Nashville.  Look it up in the Tennessean newspaper for yourself (March 16, 2012).  Another company offered free child care if he signed with the Tennessee Titans. Really?!

I’m completely amazed.  According to data pulled from Forbes and reported on http://www.therichest.org, Peyton Manning has an estimated net worth of approximately $115 Million.  Can someone help me understand why companies are throwing freebies to a man who could buy anything he wanted – just to get him to “join the team”?

Okay okay, incentives are nice.  Here’s where my thought process differs from others.  How many poor and/or homeless people could Shoney’s feed on their offer to provide a free stack of pancakes daily for a year?  I wonder if Nissan would deliver a brand new vehicle to a random person stuck riding the city bus because they can’t afford to buy a car….or whose car is parked in the driveway because they can’t afford the necessary repairs. Perhaps that daycare center is already partnered with local city assistance programs to make childcare more affordable – or free – for a parent who is forced to choose between work and childcare – they can’t afford childcare, can’t leave the child home, but still desperately need to go to work. Hmmmm.

I just find the entire concept a bit backwards.  I was reminded that celebrity status people and people with clout seldom pay for anything. The more you make, the less you have to spend is a direct quote from someone who was close friends with various entertainers and athletes.

This brings to mind the song God Bless the Child. Them that’s got shall get, them that’s not shall lose / So the Bible says, and it still is news /Mama may have /  Papa may have /But God Bless the child that’s got his own…. You know the song.

So, if you already have it…you can get more of it!  If you don’t and you need it…good luck? What a concept. :-/

I just never thought that God Bless the Child meant…..let’s be sure to continue blessing those who are not in need and ignore those who are.

These are Just My Thoughts. Thanks for sharing yours~

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Okay, this may seem insignificant and a bit behind the curve but I finally traded my BlackBerry for an Iphone.

I was a diehard BlackBerry fan loving the opportunity to transfer data, texts, message, and everything else from one phone to another with the click of a button.  After the first BlackBerry stopped holding the charge and I had to replace it, I did. The second time, I got a new BlackBerry again.  The third time was the charm.  I said Good Bye BlackBerry!

I’m not sure what took me so long except the importance of not losing all of my data and none of the other phones had the expanded transfer feature.  Well, the Iphone is my remedy!

It took some doing but because I synchronized my BlackBerry to my Mac, I was able to sync the Mac with the Iphone and pull all my BlackBerry information in.  All of that worry about RIM .ipd BlackBerry only files not transferring to other products was not an issue. Yaaaay!

I am a happy camper.  I asked myself….WHAT TOOK SO LONG?! I love this phone! Of course I can’t quite figure out Ms. Siri.  I guess because I’ve not needed to ask her for anything yet.  I’ve also figured out why it doesn’t come with anything but a quick tips manual. Yes….I am a manual reader. 🙂  An instruction manual for the Iphone would be a novel because it does so many things.

I’ve had it for a week and have yet to tap into all of its features.  On any other phone, I’d have it mastered by now. Oh well.  I’m up for the challenge.

You may recall that I took a poll last year asking you which phone you preferred.  41% preferred the BlackBerry.  Well…I have changed my vote from BlackBerry to Iphone and joined the majority! I feel like I just stepped out of the dark ages. Yes, I am laughing at myself as I’m sure you are too!  But it’s cool because  I’ve moved on to Something New! 🙂

These are Just My Thoughts~

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