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02520015Never think that you got away with that dirt you did.  
When things begin to fall apart all around you and nothing seems to work,  just before you start screaming why me, why me, why me….. sit back…..take a deep breath…..and think about it. 
Because: What Goes Around…..Comes Around. Ouch!!! 
These are Just My Thoughts~
(all grammatical offenses were intentional 🙂 )


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IMG_1761The holidays are upon us again.  Holidays bring up thoughts of family, friends, Christmas parties, the reason for the season (of course), people being nice, finding the perfect gift, generosity, I could go on and on.

We started a tradition for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day while my boys Jas & Sean were growing up.  It’s pretty simple actually but we looked forward to it.  After dinner: baking cookies, making hot chocolate, and finding our spot on the couch by 7:00. You see, A Christmas Story came on at 7:00 and we had to see the beginning of the movie – at least when it aired the first time.  You know that movie plays back to back for 24 hours sooooo, as long as we watched the 7:00 show we were good.  On a side note – did you ever notice how no matter where you fell asleep on that movie, when you woke up it was on the same scene?! Lol 🙂

Then we’d set aside a cookie plate for Santa and sprinkle reindeer food in the yard so the reindeer wouldn’t get hungry. They were really the holiday Rice Krispies that come in red and green. 🙂 Off to bed for the kids!  Of course, we stopped leaving cookies and reindeer food once the boys reached a certain age. Anyway, my job was to finish wrapping the gifts and we’d place them under the tree just before midnight. One really special gift was left unwrapped for the boys to see when they came downstairs! Suddenly, it looked like Santa had appeared. You should’ve seen their little faces on Christmas morning!!

I’d wake up at 5:00am and prepare Christmas Breakfast! Fried oysters, pancakes, banana nut bread, fruit, eggs, salmon croquettes, rice, etc etc….yummy! After opening gifts, eating, calling everyone to say Merry Christmas, and relaxing, it was off to make the rounds to visit family and have Christmas dinner. The next day, we’d go through the toy boxes to make room for their new toys. In the spirit of giving, the boys would donate the toys of Christmas past to charity.

That was an old tradition. The boys are all grown up now.  It’s time to start a new one.  I wonder what their traditions will be when they have their own family – years from now 😉

What were your special holiday memories/traditions?

These are Just My Thoughts~

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Is it just me or is one of the most annoying sounds of the day that of a parent pleading with their child to behave?  I can’t take it!  I’m at the store in my few quiet moments of the day looking for something to buy.  Little man is climbing…literally climbing….the store shelves.  That’s right, the store shelves…filled with canned goods!  What’s mom doing? Pushing the cart filled with groceries ignoring him.

I love children, I do.  I don’t love watching them misbehave.  I really don’t love watching their parents watch them misbehave.  Is it that hard to say stop that, you’ll get hurt, no, sit down, come here…or the all time favorite…don’t make me embarrass you in here?

Of course, getting past the fact that watching this child climb the shelves was working a nerve, my maternal instinct kicked in and I told him to get down because he was going to hurt himself.  I then told the adult that he was with (assumed to be the parent) that he was going to get hurt if he didn’t stop that.  So she said, “honey please” in that quiet, non-authoritative, I’m really not paying attention, whining voice.  The child was already down from my having told him to stop.  One aisle later, he was at it again….and she was wandering ahead with no regard….again.  I gave him the “boy if you don’t get down look”.  You know the one! …and he got down…again.  So she offered him a treat if he’d get down.  Really?! Maybe I was born a few years too soon because to be told twice to do something equated to an automatic moment of embarrassment – in the store.  This lady was giving out treats to do as you’re told?!  Wow.  I mean just….Wow!

So my poll is this, because I could go on for days about these kids and their parents who appear to fall into the child’s role and allow the child to assume the parent’s role….I’m sorry, I got carried away again. That was one heck of a comma splice wasn’t it?!

These are Just My Thoughts~

Share your thoughts….take the poll below and let me know what you would do.

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I am completely confused and am asking you to help me make sense of things.  I could’ve written this when the topic was the hype of the day.  I chose to wait until a decision was made and things had calmed down.

Are you wondering what I’m talking about?  The Peyton Manning proposals.  First let me say, I remember his efforts at UT Knoxville and am familiar with his career with the Indianapolis Colts.  He is a great quarter back.  That being said, I remain amazed at how people in Nashville fell all over themselves trying to entice him to return to Tennessee and join the Titans Franchise.

Nissan offered up a Titan pick-up truck to thank him for his philanthropic efforts – which sounded better than, come back to Tennessee and we’ll give you a truck (the PR guys must’ve pointed that one out).  Shoney’s offered a free stack of pancakes every day for the duration of his career in Nashville.  Look it up in the Tennessean newspaper for yourself (March 16, 2012).  Another company offered free child care if he signed with the Tennessee Titans. Really?!

I’m completely amazed.  According to data pulled from Forbes and reported on http://www.therichest.org, Peyton Manning has an estimated net worth of approximately $115 Million.  Can someone help me understand why companies are throwing freebies to a man who could buy anything he wanted – just to get him to “join the team”?

Okay okay, incentives are nice.  Here’s where my thought process differs from others.  How many poor and/or homeless people could Shoney’s feed on their offer to provide a free stack of pancakes daily for a year?  I wonder if Nissan would deliver a brand new vehicle to a random person stuck riding the city bus because they can’t afford to buy a car….or whose car is parked in the driveway because they can’t afford the necessary repairs. Perhaps that daycare center is already partnered with local city assistance programs to make childcare more affordable – or free – for a parent who is forced to choose between work and childcare – they can’t afford childcare, can’t leave the child home, but still desperately need to go to work. Hmmmm.

I just find the entire concept a bit backwards.  I was reminded that celebrity status people and people with clout seldom pay for anything. The more you make, the less you have to spend is a direct quote from someone who was close friends with various entertainers and athletes.

This brings to mind the song God Bless the Child. Them that’s got shall get, them that’s not shall lose / So the Bible says, and it still is news /Mama may have /  Papa may have /But God Bless the child that’s got his own…. You know the song.

So, if you already have it…you can get more of it!  If you don’t and you need it…good luck? What a concept. :-/

I just never thought that God Bless the Child meant…..let’s be sure to continue blessing those who are not in need and ignore those who are.

These are Just My Thoughts. Thanks for sharing yours~

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I’ve heard some men describe the platforms shoes ladies are wearing all about town as “hideous, ugly, Herman the Munsterish, and so on”.  Word on the street is that they’re more comfortable – because of the added platform.  I don’t own any.  I’m only 5’2″, so I’m a lover of high heels, stilettos, and a great shoe (Jessica Simpson puts out some great shoes but I’ve got a date with a pair of Manolos. In spite of my love for shoes, I myself can’t subscribe to the platforms.  They look funny to me – a bit clunky.  And why does the front of the shoe always seem to point upward – never touching the floor?

Okay, time to vote!!!

Take the poll…..These are Just My Thoughts….share your thoughts with me.  I just want to know from the rest of you out there, Platforms or Pumps….why?

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Just curious – I know everyone’s saved, sanctified, and filled with the holy ghost but honestly…..if you’ve been keeping a secret for decades, and the truth is finally revealed, what would you do?  Would you fess up, keep lying, play the blame game, or defame the character of others to keep the attention off of yourself?

Take the poll…..These are Just My Thoughts….share your thoughts with me.

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What inspires you to do business with friends?  Is it the relationship that you have?  Is it their knowledge and level of expertise in their field?  Is it easier than explaining why you chose someone else?

I’m only asking because I’d like you to really think about it.  I’ve helped a lot of people buy homes throughout my career and enjoyed every moment.  What I did not enjoy is watching my clients find themselves on the bottom of the to-be-processed file stack.  How did they get there?  Their friends put them there.  Why?  Because they could get away with it.

What I noticed was that my client’s friend would fail to return their calls about their financing, meetings that needed to occur in a timely manner were delayed, paperwork that should have been forwarded got lost or was not sent, etc.  Do you know what they’d always say to my client (their friend)?  You guessed it, “I’m sorry I forgot, I’ll do that right now….I’ll do that today….ooops I got busy I’ll get to it.”  I am not kidding.

One client’s friend simply stopped contacting her altogether.  It took three weeks for either of us to get in touch with the lender – my client’s friend.  She almost lost the home she was trying to buy and no matter how many emails, texts, and voice mails we sent, there was no impact.

If you decide to work with your friend, don’t just work with them because they’re your friend, work with them because you can rely on them.  Work with them because you know that they will take your transaction as seriously as you plan to take it.  If they can’t, then you shouldn’t.  This way, when we’re working together and you find yourself in a situation where the person you’ve employed is not performing, you don’t have to feel bad about hiring someone else because you won’t be stuck saying….

She’s My Friend….

These are Just My Thoughts~

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